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About Us

We are a small family owned and run business located in the Ozark hills of south central Missouri. We care for our bees like they are members of the family and they are cared for and maintained by us, no part of our business is out sourced. All of our honey is from wildflowers and clover that grow on the hillsides and in the pastures of south central Missouri. The honey we produce is raw non-filtered and is all natural and tends to be light with very little to no "bite" like you often get with honey bought from the store.  


  • How do I store my honey once I receive it?
Honey doesn't have to be refrigerated, you can store it in your kitchen cupboard at room temperature. 
  • How long will my honey last?
Honey never really goes bad from normal storage. If your honey should crystallize, don't throw it away! Just heat a pan of water on the stove to around 110 degrees fahrenheit, put your honey in a jar or something that the heat won't damage, and simply let it warm slowly in the pan of water. You might have to re-warm your water a time or two to get all the crystals melted down. Then just store your honey like normal once again.
  • What if my package gets damaged during shipping?
There is a minimum of $50 insurance on every package of honey we ship​. Simply file a claim with the carrier (most likely usps).
  • Do we accept returns?
Since we are shipping a food product, we do not accept returns.
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